Every year there is German Open at Hotel Prinz Luitpold Bad in Bad Hindelang, Germany – always 2. Saturday in July.


All players are mixed, and everybody plays 1 round on each of the 2 courses. The strokes are counted and there are winners for ladies and gentlemen.

There were 65 players (31 ladies and 34 gentlemen) from Denmark, Italy, Poland, Austria and of course Germany.

1) Angelika Blanz, Germany - 77 strokes.
2) Lene Henriksen, Denmark – 80 strokes.
3) Magdalena Blanz, Germany - 81 strokes.

1) Hannes Neusch, Germany - 70 strokes.
2) Peter Lyngdal Christensen, Denmark – 73 strokes.
3) Tobias Blanz, Germany - 75 strokes.

Between the 2 rounds we have something to drink and eat, and a local orchestra is coming to play German Alp music. In the evening there are banquet and honoring of winners.

A very nice little tournament.

See pictures at the Danish site and on the German site you find the results.