Here in Denmark there are different ways to play tournamens between teams. DKU does it one way, DGI another, DAI a third way and in the end all six Danish organisations does it their own way.

Here's how we do it in DKU as inspiration. 

We started with the team competition in 1993 - more than 10 years before DKU founded. 5 clubs with 7 teams started with rules made by this author.

I looked at other sports and copied what I thought we could use. I had been playing handball and football (soccer) in the lower divisions, and often experienced that there was trouble to get players enough, so I wanted Krolf to be flexible on that point.
I also wanted it to be a very family friendly sport, and it should be very easy to start, so that it was easy to find new players.
To make it a family sport, we made special rules for children under 13 years.
To make it easy to start, we didn't have any players license or check of membership of any kind.
To protect newcomers and children, we didn't count team strokes, but looked at their no in their group.
And to make the amount of players so flexible as possible, I constructed the match so that there could be from 4 to 12 people playing on a team.

There has bees small changes from 1993 to now, but the big picture stays the same.
We play 2 mixdoubles, 1 ladies double, 1 mens double, 2 singles for ladies and 2 singles for men.
8 games which can be won, lost or a drawn. 2 points for the 8 games = 16 points.

A single player get 2 points to win the game and 0 to loose. Draw gives 1 for each team.

Doubles are a little different. There are 4 players - 2 from each team - and we mostly look at numbers in the group.
But first we see if 2 players from 2 different teams has the same amount of strokes. If yes, those players are ignored, and we look at the 2 other players as if it was a single.
If no, we look at numbers. If a team has no 1 and 2 or no 1 and 3 they have won. If they have no 2 and 4 or 3 and 4 they have lost.
It's a draw when one team has no 1 and 4 and the other has 2 and 3.
A little special rule is that 2 players from the same team can't have the same number.
If 2 players from the same team both have 36 strokes at second place, they have no 2 and 3 and not both no 2.

DKU is very interested in games for teams across country borders, so if you have some players who are willing to be beaten up by Denmark, DKU are willing to arrange something in your country or Denmark, but you MUST have an organization behind you.