You can see the results from a championship in 3 different ways: Stroke play, match game, and alphabetically. 
Or you can see one players results all years.

If the screen isn't wide enough, press <ctrl> and minus to schrink. <ctrl>  and plus to enlarge.

Stroke play 

Here you see the results sorted on strokes. Sometimes it's the total for the 4 rounds, and sometimes it's the average over or under the course's average.

Match game

Over time we have had 2 different ways to rank the players in matchgame. Sometimes we use strokeplay and sometimes we use points. If its points, each round will award the winner 20 points, the 2nd place 16 points, 3rd place 12 points and so on.


Here you will see the results sortes alfabetically on first name. You will see which no. the player was in match game (Kamp) and stroke play (Slag) and the points scored for the World Cup and World Ranking list.

One player

One players results all years.