There are several organizations offering Krolf. In Denmark alone there are 6 different organizations, and in other countries we actually don't know. This site might shed a little light over the world of krolf.

Please write to us if you have knowledge about other organizations offering krolf in your country. 

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DKU - Dansk Krolf Union - The first organization - a Krolf only organization founded in 2004, but the people who established DKU go back to where krolf was invented in 1973. DKU defines the International Rules.

DAI - Dansk Arbejder Idræt - An organization with several non-elite sports. Krolf is one of their most succesfull activities. They have been playing organized krolf since 2008-2010. They have made their own version of DKU's original krolf rules - they are very similar to the International Rules.

DGI - Danske Gymnastik- og Idrætsforeninger. Another organization with several non-elite sports and among them Krolf. At first they had only a few clubs in 2008, but have been organized in a region and countrywise organized krolf since 2017. A few of the DGI clubs are also member of DKU. They are playing after the International Rules.

DFIF - Dansk Firmaidrætsforbund - Another organization with several non-elite sports. Only a few clubs are offering krolf - the first one since 2000. Several of the few clubs playing krolf are also member of DKU. They are playing after the International Rules.

Others - There are also 2 small private organizations arranging krolf tournaments. One following DKU's International Rules and one with a third variation of DKU's original rules.


1. Deutscher Krolf Verein e.V. - The first krolf club in Germany. Albert and Armin Gross from Bad Hindelang in the German Alps invented a game that was ½ croquet and ½ golf and would call it krolf, but found out that it already existed in Denmark. They adapted the Danish rules and added some mountain-krolf rules.
Every year there are Danish players in Germany at the German Open and likewise Germans paticipating in the World Championships in Denmark.

Other countries

I know that there's more or less organized krolf in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.