World Championships in Ødis, Denmark with players from Finland

August 21. we played about the Word Championships in Krolf. It was again in Denmark in a little town called Ødis, and it was arranged by the local Krolf club – the worlds first Krolf club – Krolfklubben I Ødis Kroge (KØK).

Ødis behind the see
Ødis behind the see

Despite Corona 194 players found their way to the championships, including 2 from Finland. The rest was from Denmark.

The Finnish guys was best from behind
The Finnish guys was best from behind

We played 4 rounds on 4 different courses, and strokeplay was won by the local club’s chairman, Ole Reeckmann, KØK with only 105 strokes. Second was the local club’s former chairman, Peter Lyngdal Christensen, KØK with 107 strokes, and third was Peters son Søren Lyngdal Christensen, Akademisk Kugleklub with 113 strokes.

Peter, Ole and Søren.
Peter, Ole and Søren

Best woman was Vinny Sørensen, Madholdet as no 10 with 116 strokes, followed by Krista Hansen, Kongeå with 117 and Anna Steensbeck, Tirslund with 118 strokes.

Krista, Vinny and Anna
Krista, Vinny and Anna

The best from Finland was Reijo Leppänen, Linjala as no 78 with 130 strokes.

The 36 best ladies and gentlemen played about the matchgame championship.
The 3 best ladies were:
1) Jette Nielsen, Bevtoft - 30 strokes.
2) Sussi Hundebøll, DKK - 32 strokes.
3) Lene Rasmussen, Baskerne - 34 strokes.

Sussi, Jette and Lene
Sussi, Jette and Lene

And the 3 best gentlemen:
1) Hans Peder Trans, Slotsbyen - 28 strokes.
2) Lasse Frost Hansen, DKK - 29 strokes.
3) Børge Fisker, Odin - 30 strokes.

Lasse, Hans Peder and Børge

There are more pictures (and text in Danish) at this page:

Stroke play 

Here you see the results sorted on strokes. 

Match game

1-36 played about their number. 1-6 in the final, no 2 in the semifinale got no 7, no 3 got no 13, no 4 got no 19, no 5 got no 25 and no 6 got no 31. The rest not the number in strokeplay, but only inside their sex.


Here you will see the results sortes alfabetically on first name. You will see which no. the player was in match game (Kamp) and stroke play (Slag) and the points scored for the World Cup and World Ranking list.