October 10. 2019 there was the Belgium Championship in Krolf for the 5. time and this time it was in Hasselt.


The players came from around the country and the games started at 13:00.
There were 2 courses and some played one course and others the other one.
After a pause we switched courses and played another round.

The strokes were counted and we had a winner for women and for men.

1) Diane Degens, De Hemelbrug – 75 strokes.
2) Lousiane Wambacq – 77 strokes.
3) Christel van Hoeserlande – 79 strokes.

1) John Vaes, De Hemelbrug – 70 strokes.
2) Fred Vanoppen - 72 strokes.
3) Johnny Christiansen – 74 strokes.

I had 71 strokes and listed as no 2 in the results, but I am not a member of a Belgium Club, so I am participating out of competition.

You find all results at S.Sports site.