Winners were Hans Kurt Bendtsen, Mikael Christensen, Sonja Weilstrup and Karen Bonde, all from Denmark.


We had a very nice cloudy day with good temperatures and maybe a little windy. perfect Krolf wether.

4 Norwegian guys participated, but the rest was from Denmark. We could claim that one was from The Faroe Islands, but he lives in Denmark and the Faroe Islands are more or less connected to Denmark. Anyway, there were 336 players participating.

4 rounds strokeplay was played on 8 courses, and then we had the winner in strokeplay.

As the players are not playing on the same courses, we calculate the couses average, and then find best players hold up against the average.

In the mens competition Mikael Chirstensen, Vamdrup (KØK) won with 5,83 strokes beneath the courses average.
Second was Suni Olsen Gaard, Lundmark (the guy from Faroe Islands) with 5,03 and 3. was Mads Madsen, Kolding (KØK) with 4,83.

In the ladies competition the best was Karen Bonde, Haderslev (Agrarerne) with 4,24, Sonja Weilstrup, Kolding (Seest BK) with 3,78 and Annemarie Juhl, Haderslev (Agrarerne) and Lis Hundebøll, Fredericia (DKK) with 3,33.

The 36 bedst men played 6 semifinales, and the 6 winners went to the final. The same system was udese for women.

The mens final was won by Hans Kurt Bendtsen, Skodborg (Kongeaa) with 32 strokes before Hans Johnsen, Vamdrup (KØK) with 33 and Dan Enghoff, Middelfart (Ejby) with 34.

Tha women played at the same time, and here Sonja Weilstrup, Kolding (Seest BK) won with 29 stroke before Mette Pickering, Christiansfeld with 33 and Dorte Haumann, Øster Lindet with 34 strokes.

Pictures you can see at the Danish site via this link.

The World Cup and World Ranking lists you can find here.