Krolf was invented by Frits Henriksen, Nørre Aaby, Denmark. He did that in Sweden on a vacation in Hjörnared near Laholm.
At this point it was a 1-hole-game with no name.
2 to 6 players played to one hole. When all players were finished, the strokes were counted, and players with over 25 strokes were thrown out of the game. The rest continued playing until there was only one player left. If the last players all came over 25 strokes, the player with least strokes won. If mere than one player had the fewest strokes over 25, these players continued with sudden death.
The equipment was garden Croquet mallets and balls.


Krolf was only played by the Henriksen family and guests in Sweden.
Frits were now constructing better wooden mallets himself.


The 1-hole-game came to Denmark.
The author of this, Peter L. Christensen, Ødis Kroge, Denmark was introduced to the Henriksen family and should of course learn the family game.
Frits and I played for fun, and Frits was winning every time. We competed for a bottle of Gammel Dansk, and I lost 4 times in a row.
Then quit or double and I quit at 32 bottles of Gammel Dansk and was suddenly very tired and could not play anymore.


The first 12 hole course was made in Æblehaven in Nørre Aaby, Denmark and I gave the game the name Krolf.
It was very long distances and very unfriendly for ladies and the equipment.


Krolf was played in Sweden and Nørre Aaby whenever possible with family, friends and neighbors.
A LOT of experiments was going on to find better ways to construct wooden mallets.


Lene Henriksen and I made another 12-hole course in our garden in Ødis Kroge, Denmark.


Krolf was played in Sweden, Nørre Aaby and Ødis Kroge whenever possible with family, friends and neighbors.
Now there were experiments with other types of material. Mostly different types of plastic/nylon.


I invited to the World Championships in Krolf in Ødis Kroge.
Everyone was invited - at least 40 people - and 30 actually came with 26 playing.
When I had sent out the invitations, I realized that the game didn't have any written rules, so I had to do that.
At this championship Verner Mikkelsen Nielsen, Skive, came with a new simple construction of krolf mallets.
The course was now shorter, but still with some distances.


Now there was Krolf in Sweden, Nørre Aby, Ødis Kroge and World Championships every year, and the game was slowly spreading to other families.
I now took Verners simple construction, changed the material of the head to nylon and gave it bicycle handlebar tape on the shaft, and the mallets as we know it today was born.
A factory in Kolding could drill nylon balls and I found out how to dye the balls.


The world’s first krolf club was created - Krolfklubben i Ødis Kroge (KØK).


The first tournament for teams was started.


Krolf for pairs was invented - World Championship for pairs.


A club in another organization - DFIF - took up krolf.


Dansk Krolf Union (DKU) - Danish Krolf Association - was created with me as chairman.


The first experiments with krolf in DAI.


Krolf was invented by Armin and Albert Gross, Bad Hindelang, Germany. Google told them that it was already there, and contact to Denmark was made.


The first DGI club became member of DKU and started arranging krolf locally.


The first experiments with indoor krolf took place.


DGI was organizing krolf as a countrywide sport.