At DKU tournaments we always let the players play 4 round on different courses. If there are more than 300 players, we use 8 courses, but a player only play on 4 of them.

The players are divided in matches of 4 or 5 players, and there is a neutral referee.

We start at 9:00 and will end the 4 first rounds around 15:30.

Stroke play

As from 2017 and 2018 we will change the rules.
From August 2017 - World Championships - the first 4 rounds counts in stroke play, ladies and gentlemen mixed. No 1-2-3 ladies and 1-2-3 gentlemen will be honored.

If there are more than 300 players and 8 courses, we calculate the course's average strokes, and then calculate the players' average on the courses. 
If there are less than 301 players, we just count the strokes.

Match play

From August 2018 we take the 36 best ladies and 36 best gentlemen from stroke play and divide those into 6 semifinals with 6 players for each gender. The 6 winners enters the final, where we find the champion. One for ladies and one for gentlemen.


From June 2018 we also change the rules for pairs.

Here we divide into 3 groups with 16 pairs in each. One group for ladies only, one for gentlemen only, and one for mixed pairs.
In each group there are 4 semifinals with 4 pairs each. The 4 winners enters the final.

We end up with 3 winners - ladies, gentlemen, and mixed pairs.